Sworn translators do not need to see the original documents in order to produce a sworn translation. We receive all of the documents digitally, usually as email attachments.

The ideal way to receive them is scanned and in PDF format. However, we can also work with photographs, provided they are of good quality.

The guidelines for delivering sworn translations in Spain specify that we have to submit them accompanied by a copy of the original document, also stamped by the sworn translator. For that reason, it is essential to provide the sworn translator with photographs of the best possible quality, as they will later form part of the document that is submitted to the relevant body or authority.

The following are some tips for taking photographs that are perfect for sharing:



✓ First, it is essential to place the document somewhere flat, preferably on a table.

X Don’t hold the document with your hand to take the photograph.


✓ Position your telephone directly above the document to take the photograph.

X Don’t take the photograph focusing on the lower part of the document.


✓ Take the photograph somewhere well-lit and make sure no shadows appear in the photograph.

X Don’t take photographs in dark places or positioning your hand in such a way that a shadow appears in the document.


✓ Make sure that the entire document appears (check headers, footers, corners, etc., and check that everything appears in the photograph).

X Don’t send cropped photographs.

Nat 5

✓ Send the photographs as an attachment, not copied and pasted into the body of the email. When copied into the text of the email, they are sometimes converted into a thumbnail and, when enlarged, appear blurred and cannot be used. You can also send me them using the contact form on my website.

X Don’t copy the photographs into the email.

nat 6

The photograph of your document should look like the one you can see on the left.

By following these guidelines, you will share your documents in the best way possible and, moreover, make the process a great deal quicker, as you won’t have to share your documents more than once.

In any event, I will always check and confirm that the photographs are perfect for working with.

Are you ready to take your photographs?