On 6th April 2020, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement confirming that documents translated by Sworn Translators and electronically signed using one of the approved systems listed on article 10 of Law 39/2015 are admissible and have the same validity as the sworn translations submitted in hard copy. 

Apart from the electronic signature, sworn translations will still have to comply with the requirements established in Order AEC/2125/2014 regarding the certification, signature, stamp and photocopy of the original text from which they were translated.

The format of the sworn translations with electronic signature is as follows:

1) The translation must contain:

• The official stamp of the Sworn Translator on every page;
• A handwritten signature and an electronic signature;
• A sworn statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2) To the translation the following must also be appended:

• A photocopy of the original text from which the translation was carried out, stamped and dated on all pages.

If you need to present a hard copy, you can print the PDF of the translation and submit it to any Spanish authority. I recommend printing it in colour so that the stamp appears in its original blue.

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